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About Michael Bailey

portrait in Black and White of Michael Bailey Artist and Poet
image of a Rainbow in Black and White by Michael Bailey
image of Michael Bailey Artist and Poet with Lion Stature
image of Michael Bailey on Lake Maumelle shoreline

About my genesis as an artist


One afternoon, in my early twenties I lay wrapped in a faded, reddish print quilt drifting in and out of sleep on Lake Maumelle’s shoreline. I sat up in wonder of nature’s ever-changing artistic style, watching the interplay between the afternoon light and the colorful fall leaves. 

Immediately the unanswered question, burned into the background of my heart, marched to the foreground— ‘How does life work and what is creativity?

Although a few months before this day I was feeling that it was time for a change in the direction and style of my art. I had no idea that this was the first day of a new beginning. For the next nine months I spent a lot of time laying on the grass starring at clouds float across the translucent blue background, musing about life and creativity. I’ve always considered curiosity and dreaming a worthy pursuit and a good use of my time.

image of Poet and Artist Michael Bailey for blog post poem THE CHRYSALIS OPENS walking in the woods

One morning, as the cliche describes, “a light went off in my head”, like a flash bulb from an old-fashion photographer’s lamp. The answer to my question came in the form of an experience. I immediately collected my art supplies and began to draw unlike ever before.

My experience was bigger and more inclusive than I could have imagined.

As the days passed my suspicions were verified— This experience had nothing to do with the art at all. I saw clearly that there’s a never-ending flow of insight that’s always there and without any doubt, I knew I could completely image of Michael Bailey's spontaneous writingtrust it. What I didn’t know yet were the new things that would show up— things I’d never thought of before.

I never thought about healing, bodywork, energy work, till my friend fell off his roof shortly after I made the break-through in my art. “Oh, maybe I can help”, I thought. What I discovered was there’s a natural flow to healing that’s just like the never-ending flow of insight I experienced with my art— flowing without effort. Later it conveniently lead me into a healing profession supportive of my art career.

Writing came the same way—It was not something I had considered before, or thought possible until the thought crossed my mind, “I’d like to write like I do art—purely from inspiration and I want it to be true.” I didn’t think about it again until i wrote a one-liner on the inside of a match book cover— “There are no mistakes, only the revelation of the inner Self.”

From that first wish while watching the light play with the leaves—from that inspired question—my life changed in more ways than I have already described. All of my world became larger, for which I’m extremely grateful. I continue to trust that natural creative flow of life, and I love discovering what’s next in life.

Professional History/Education/Interests
My Story


Arkansas Arts Center
The University of Arkansas at Little Rock


all working together supporting my art and poetry…


FINE ART: 2000 to Present

In 2000 I took a break from the business aspect of my art, although I continued to produce and sell. I explored new mediums including screen printing, encaustic painting, liquid pencil, plus new 3-dimensional effects to add to my art experiments.

FINE ART: Juried Exhibits and Galleries 1979—1998

  • Represented by: Kunsthandlugn Prinz Albert, Coberg, Germany 1998
  • Represented by: Metropolis Contemporary Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington 1996-97
  • Represented by: Lowertown Gallery, St. Paul, Minnesota 1996-98
  • Represented by: Northwestern Gallery, St. Paul, Minnesota 1993-1996
  • One-Person Exhibit: World Trade Center Bldg, St. Paul, Minnesota 1994
  • Represented by: Hana Hou Gallery, Maui, Hawaii 1992-93
  • Stained Glass Window Designs: Sacred Heart Church, Spring Valley, Wisconsin 1992
  • Stained Glass Window Design: Meta A. Trebus Memorial Chapel, Eau Claire, WI 1991
  • Represented by: Glassman Gallery, Maui, Hawaii 1990
  • Published in the book: “Maui Art and Creative People” 1990
  • Featured Artist, June 1990: J-Michael Galleries, Edina, Minnesota
  • Etched Window Design for: Glassworks, EauClaire, Wisconsin 1988
  • Stained Glass Window Design: Sacred Heart Church, Spring Valley, Wisconsin 1988
  • Represented by: J-Michael Galleries, Edina, Minnesota 1988
  • Represented by: Mary Lee Grewy Fine Arts, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota 1983
  • One-Person Exhibit: Blaisdell Place, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1983
  • Two-Person Exhibit: Arkansas Parks and Tourism, Little Rock, Arkansas 1980
  • One-Person Exhibit: G.W. Hufford Jewelry & Design, Little Rock, Arkansas 1980
  • Juried Exhibit: Sales Street Show, Dallas, Texas 1980
  • Juried Exhibit: Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah 1980
  • Represented by: Heights Gallery, Little Rock, Arkansas 1980
  • Juried Exhibit: Tulsa Annual Art Fair, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1979
  • Juried Exhibit: Arena Open ’78, Binghampton, NY 1978



Freelance 1970-1978


Integration of artwork and interior design Logo, Brochure, Catalogue Designs


  • Published monthly by “Kind Over Matter” writer and poet website —August 2020 through December 2020. Scheduled for publishing on the second week of each month, through 2021
  • Poems published in “The Phoenix” a recovery newspaper 1985
  • “Gifts & Dreams” poetry book printed 1984 to be used for Minneapolis Institute of Mental Health clients



Body and Energy Work Practice—1978 to present


Shaolin Wahnam School

  • Study of the Shaolin Arts brought me more personal health and healing knowledge. The flow of the movements resonated with my experience and flow in my art, poetry and healing.
  • *Building Chi Kung and Kungfu skills—2014 to present
  • *Grandmaster Kiew Kit Wong’s Chi Kung Healing Course 6/2019


Three Principles Psychology

Introduced to in 1980—an inspiration for my life and my poetry.

  • Seminar Co-Presenter and Individual coaching
  •  Co-presented Three Principles Psychology seminars with my husband, Joe Bailey, in Switzerland and France.
  • Three Principles individual coaching.


Books & articles— Content consulting and content editing for Joe Bailey’s books:

  • “The Serenity Principle” Harper & Row
  • “The Speed Trap” Harper & Row
  • “Slowing Down to the Speed of Love” McGraw Hill
  • “Fearproof Your Life” Conari Press