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image of "Creation, Dissolution, Transformation

“CREATION, DISSOLUTION, TRANSFORMATION” published September 2020 by Kind Over Matter

We laugh, we cry,

Our tears turn to jewels

And decorate the sky,

Displaying a creation of wonder.


We breathe in Life

And transform the strife

Of a nightmare

To beauty and thunder.


Evolution is the game,

All is the same

As it twists into reality,


How fortunate to see

What it is to be free

And wander without judgement or blame,


To welcome change

And appreciate the range

Of experience the mystery holds,


As we reach the summits

And plummet to the depths,

While unwrapping our Divine nature.


The atom so profound

Changes all around,

Wearing many masks of reality,


Underneath we are the same

And that’s the whole game

in the phases of coming and going.


No need to be afraid

To release what we’ve made

in order to fulfill our potential


Break the old mold,

Transform lead to gold,

We are alchemists

In the dance of creation.


—Michael Bailey