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image of "Dancing with the flame

Dancing in the flame came from a poem that I wrote.

I start with the feeling of the poem, the feeling of the paint, of the flame, and the images in the poem. A lot of oranges, and yellows, and blues and purples, as it develops itself.

The first line was “You can dance in the flame without burning.” And that’s a really interesting concept. To some people, they consider it very intense. But to me, it’s very helpful, because how many of us live a life where we go through a fire in different parts of our life.

It was like I discovered the images.

Dancing in the Flame signifies a transformation, that people can actually live in their life, going through whatever situation they’re going through, and be untouched and actually flourish.

Dancing in the Flame.

You can dance in the flame without burning.
I asked, “How can this be so?”
Dance in life without yearning, be
content within your soul.

There is nothing to lose or burn away
that you would care to retrieve. All that
is lost you will never want back or
even desire to achieve.

Your Spirit is you, it can’t be lost, neither
damaged or destroyed. The fire is your
friend, it burns away the ills you have

Dance with the wind,
walk through the fire, love
as no man can.
Return to yourself to live in love, let
go of all desire.

What is desire but all that is lost and can never
be fulfilled. It scolds, it holds and keeps us
informed of things that never will.

Let go. Let go.
We will never achieve desire.
It promotes, controls, sanctions and grows—
let it burn up in the fire.

Be yourself and you will see a light that can
never be dimmed. You’ll be filled with purpose,
love and service— Take note, there is never
an end.

—Michael Bailey