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When painting, I work from a state of quiet receptivity, allowing heart and hand to move of their own accord. Without preconceptions, I trust in the direction that inspiration provides.

Visual Art by Michael Bailey

Phases of the Universe

“Phases of the Universe”

—A four box construction, hangs in a row from left to right. (The third piece of the “Phases Series.”)

I combine various mediums: The backgrounds are acrylic paint mixed with reflective industrial sand. Some surfaces include hatched ostrich egg pieces with acrylic paint and color ink drawing inside. Two of the boxes include Love Bird eggs (that never hatched).  Others exhibit dichroic glass sculpted with a torch or in a kiln, imbedded in the background. There’s even a few unexpected pieces of a broken Christmas ball.

Each of the four are encase in wooden boxes I built to open with a latch on the side. There’s no real function to open the boxes because the constructions are easily seen through the glass— The idea that we can open and enter into that dimension subtly adds to our relationship to the art.

Early Sketch


I like to take my art and combine it with formerly unrelated poems, here’s a brown ink drawing from a former set of drawings, and I decided to combine it with “The Seed” because the drawing has the look and feel of a seed springing forth.

“Night Wave,” “The Seekers,” and “Ocean of Light”

From “The Hawaii Abstracted Series” (The spirit of the islands and their nature—water, plants, rainforest, and volcanic origin—inspired this series).


acrylic on watercolor paper 22” x 30”
Watching and listening to the waves at night, mesmerized.


acrylic with pen & ink on watercolor paper 22” x 30”
Inspired after hiking a trail through Maui’s ancient rainforest— wondering about the people, in times past, that walked the same path.
“The Seekers” is published in the book, Maui Art and Creative People.


acrylic with pen & ink on watercolor paper 22” X 30”
I spent a lot of time walking the beach, watching and appreciating the ocean, quietly swimming laps, drinking in the beauty.

“Dancing in the Flame,” and “Garden of Light”


acrylic with pen & ink on watercolor paper  22” x 30”
Inspired by the poem of the same name. In the first line—

“You can dance in the flame without burning..”

as I painted, the images came into view unaffected by the flames. Although it may look intense to some, the message is hope and purpose.


acrylic, watercolor, pen & ink on watercolor paper  22” x.30”
Light is always an interest and fascination for me.