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image of "Message from the Sun"


“MESSAGE FROM THE SUN” published August 2020 by Kind Over Matter

The People Cry:
Primitive sun in a darkened sky
marking time with every turn
what have you seen, what
have you heard, all of our
screams and cries?

What do you see that we
don’t see deep in the
darkened sky?

Do you see light that
we cannot, do you see
love denied?

Do you see hope that we
can’t see, deep in the
darkened sky?

To us your perspective is unknown, we
have dropped to depths of confusion,
desperately lost in a world of thought
we have completely forgotten our origin.

This piece is mixed media, acrylic on watercolor paper with gold leaf, and it’s called “A Message From the Sun.” The poem was written first, and is written in the background and pressed into the gold leaf. Watch this short video by Artist Michael Bailey about the genesis of this art and poetry mixed media artwork.

image of "Message from the Sun"

The Sun Replies:
I have seen the plight of your centuries,
observed your confusion and fear,
locked in your thoughts without answers,
unable to see a way clear.

You are born of the sea
immortal before all thoughts or
ideas, return to the sea eternal
to live in the stillness of Mind.

Mind is our Mother and Father,
we are all part of the whole
rest in its calm waters, deep within your soul.

There you will gain perspective
undisturbed by humanities games,
bathed in true understanding, inspired
to create from the same.

You are the solutions and
answers to all your questions and
goals, trust within your Spirit,
drink from within your soul.

—Michael Bailey