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image from Phases of the Universe Phase-4

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(or a talk with my Self)

I hear myself sing in my thoughts

And I wonder, how long have I been singing—

I wonder, how long have I been listening?

I see myself on a journey

And I wonder, why have I not noticed

I am moving outside this world

Into the stars and beyond.

I reflect, I do not know how long

I’ve been standing here waiting to see myself

In the divine glow contemplating the light

That has set me afire and asked me

To listen to the universe beyond the stars

Then I sat down and heard

I watched myself move

And lit up from inside my heart

To cast a shadow on the known universe

So that I may know where I have been

So that I can see where I haven’t traveled

The small universe opened to reveal its twin

Then I sank down to the size of a grain of sand,

Twinkled in the sky to light the path I was soon to travel

I have made these changes that I asked of myself

And now I must open a new universe

So that I may walk within to discover

Its mysteries without boundaries

I will see you later Michael,

Let’s not forget where we came from

To explore and discover that there is more to come.

Let’s not be dissuaded from seeing

This is a gift that never dies.

—Michael Bailey