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image of Monarch exiting cocoon for tTHE CHRYSALIS OPENS poetry by Michael Bailey


Achieving Unity with “Now” is a powerful force
Achieving Unity with “Now” is a powerful Source

The reflections are many
They are profound,
you have found the edge
as the world turns around

Creation is not
anything new,
it’s open and willing
to work for you

The open-ness comes
from looking inside,
you mind will expand,
you’ll see everything wide

The purpose of this
expansion you see,
is to open your eyes
so you will believe in Me

I’ve come to you often
to talk of you and Me
we’re the same and the source
of everything you see

The chrysalis mentioned
is your design to be Me
the pathway is open
for you to be free

Fly butterfly fly
away from the past
there’s nothing to see
or repeat, that you’d want to last

The chrysalis will dissolve
that you flew from,
you will float in the air,
without mental despair.

Fly butterfly fly,
see the world as it is
beneath the wings of your future
wrapped in your dreams.

You dreamed you could fly
the ultimate way,
your wings are designed
to make this the day

Create a new world—
designed from your heart
created from love,
we won’t be apart

Fly butterfly…fly.

—Michael Bailey