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I break apart the globe of time
and empty all its contents.
I watch them fall 
in a breeze of consciousness

My creative nature,
in the form of curiosity,
peels off the covering
of everything I look at
revealing an opening
to step through.

And from the inside
I stand, look around,
I feel its contents, smell its insides
and discern all I can know about it
with one whiff.

The secret to my curiosity is not mine.
I cannot find it, I cannot study it,
I can only let it lead me by the hand—
introducing me to anything and everything that is before me.

Waiting, watching,
quietly observing my interaction with all that Is,
as it takes me to a more relevant form of my Self
then I’ve ever seen before.

Who are we dealing with,
other than our ever present consciousness
that penetrates and connects us with all that Is?

In or out is no longer important to me
for who is to say that ‘where’ is a place
or ‘what’ is not part of forever.

—Michael Bailey